8 Premium Breweries To Visit In Scotland

8 Premium Breweries To Visit In Scotland

Scotland is an amazing country with a long history, and if you’ve ever had the chance to take a visit to Scotland, then you know about their beer. Scotland has a long history of producing high-quality beer that has had a significant impact on the rest of the world. Here’s a list of the 8 best craft beer breweries in Scotland, based on reviews and awards from other brewers and critics.


BrewDog is one of the most popular and well-known craft beer breweries in Scotland. They are based in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, and were founded in 2007 by James Watt and Martin Dickie. BrewDog is known for their innovative and experimental beers, which have won many awards over the years. Some of their most popular beers include Punk IPA, Elvis Juice, and Jack Hammer.

Like a lot of the breweries on this list, BrewDog is located in Ellon, and is just short of a 3-hour drive from the capital city. So if you are touching down, maybe consider car hire at Edinburgh Airport to get you from A to B.

Barney’s Beer

If you’re looking for a great craft beer brewery in Scotland to visit, then you should definitely check out Barney’s Beer. Based in Edinburgh, Barney’s Beer founded in 2010, is a small but passionate brewery that is quickly gaining a reputation for making some of the best beers in the country. Their core range includes a Pale Ale, an IPA, a Stout, and a Wheat Beer, all of which have won awards.

Barney’s Beer is located in the heart of Edinburgh, just a short walk from the train station. This makes it very easy to visit if you’re staying in the city centre.

Campervan Brewery

Campervan Brewery was founded in 2016 by a group of friends. It is based in Dundee, near Edinburgh, and is innovative and dynamic. It is also one of the most successful breweries in Scotland, having received multiple awards for their beers. Campervan’s core range includes a Pale Ale, their flagship beer, which has a light and refreshing flavour.

Their other beers are just as delicious and are brewed in small batches that are hand-crafted. Campervan’s beers have a unique flavour and some of them have a higher alcohol content than most.

Fyne Ales

Fyne Ales is a brewery in the heart of Cairndow. Fyne Ales boasts a beer menu that is rich, complex and always changing. The brewery’s tap room serves fresh beer every day; it’s the perfect place to sample beers and realise why Fyne Ales is quickly gaining recognition as one of the finest breweries in Scotland.

Fyne Ales produce a range of award-winning beers using the freshest ingredients. These are all handcrafted using traditional methods and the finest malts, hops and yeast to create a range of award-winning beers in a variety of styles. The beers are then sent off for ageing in oak barrels to produce a range of mature beers including real ales, oak-aged beers and lager.

Jaw Brew

Based in Glasgow, Jaw Brew has a mission to brew good honest beer. The brand was founded by Mark and Alison Hazell who are enthusiastic home brewers and beer lovers. They have over a decade of brewing experience and have brewed award-winning beers. They brew on a one barrel plant set up in the cottage ‘The Jaw’ where they live. The joy of brewing for them is in the process – for them, it is about learning and experimenting. Their beer recipes are created with a balance of ingredients and never by compromising on flavour. The business ethos is to supply the best quality product possible.

Knops Brewing Company

The beer that the team at Knops produce is fantastic, and that’s down to their superior brewing techniques, made possible by high-tech brewing equipment. Based in Edinburgh, their brewing techniques are based on the science of ingredients and the art of taste. Knops use a range of hops, malts, yeasts and grains to produce a huge range of beers that are consistently of the highest quality, and are always looking to improve recipes by experimenting with new ingredients and techniques.

Lawman Brewing Company

The Lawman Beer Company is a microbrewery in Scotland that started in 2014. The founder is Craig Laurie, a carefree man who is friendly and enjoys being social with his customers. The beer itself is good, the barrel-aged stouts are rich, and the rich IPAs have a range of flavours and are very notable. The staff are friendly, and it’s not hard to talk to them. It has a friendly atmosphere.

Plockton Brewery

Proud to be the first brewery ever to produce beer in the beautiful West Highland village of Plockton, Plockton Brewery beers are part of the rich tapestry of the Hebridean island and the Moray Firth. Their beers have matured over the years alongside the people. Scotch ales, a speciality of this remote area, are light in colour, and soft in taste. As with many beer types, scotch ale has a story to tell. Plockton’s beer draws its inspiration from Victorian times, when brewers would produce a tasty brew for their family. Whether you want to enjoy a quiet drink in the local pub with friends, or make a toast at an important occasion, there’s a beer for that. 

The brewer will gladly show visitors around the brewery if he is currently working there. Even though the actual walk only takes seconds, you can expect the discussion about beer to be long!

Drink Responsibly!

If you’re looking for a great beer that’s made with love and care, then you should definitely check out the 8 secret breweries to visit in Scotland. From Fyne Ales to Knops Brewing Company, these craft brewers are putting out some of the best beer in the country, and you’ll be sure to find something that suits your taste.

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