What to do with Only One Day in Sedona

Sedona, Arizona, is a far cry from the arid landscapes of Phoenix and other areas located further south in the state. Famous for its rolling hills covered in pine trees and its deep red rocks, Sedona is high on people’s lists of places to visit in Arizona for its hiking, food and culture. July and August can be extremely hot months, but the slightly cooler spring and fall temperatures make for the perfect time to visit.

One day can be enough time to enjoy most of the things Sedona has to offer, so here are five activities you can plan if you only have 24 hours to enjoy this wonderful part of Arizona:

  • Get breakfast at the Red Rock Cafe. Serving up delicious breakfasts and brunches, the Red Rock Cafe is located in Oak Creek Village. From French toast to Mexican-inspired breakfast enchiladas, there are generously-sized dishes to be savored by all the family. The perfect spot to fuel up before a hike.
  • Hike the Bell Rock Courthouse Butte Loop. This short but breathtaking hike offers spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. Make sure you hike up Bell Rock to take in the best views. You can reach this hike by driving up the Red Rock Scenic Byway.
  • Shopping at Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village. This outdoor market has been crafted to mimic a traditional Mexican village. Enjoy exploring art galleries and craft shops as you navigate the cobblestone pathways throughout this culturally-rich spot.
  • Explore one of Sedona’s four energy vortexes. If you enjoy spirituality (or interesting architecture!) you should stop at one of Sedona’s energy vortexes. An example of one of these is the Chapel of the Holy Cross – a modern-looking chapel built in the 1950s which is carved into the deep red rock of Sedona. It also offers great views out across the region.
  • Visit one of the area’s wineries. There are several celebrated wineries across the vineyards of Sedona. ‘Burning Tree Cellars’ specializes in creating small batches of wine which can only be tasted by visiting their winery in Cottonwood, near to Sedona.
  • Take a Sedona Flight Tour. Sedona, AZ offers many incredible air tours via helicopter for visitors to explore the beautiful, vast North Central Arizona landscape from above. Many of the tour companies offer doors-on or doors-off helicopter tours for a more full immersive sightseeing experience. Whether you’re an aircraft enthusiast, love the thrill of the sky, or just enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, there are plenty of flight tour options available in Sedona to suit your needs.

Written by Jack Vale

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