Fishing Species in Playa Del Carmen

Fishing Playa Del Carmen

This is a coastal town in Mexico and located along the strip of Caribbean shoreline. It’s famous for its palm-lined beaches and coral-reefs.  Present also are the white sand beaches, turquoise waters and the bohemian vive. Playa Del Carmen is one sleepy fishing village which is now a cosmopolitan beach town with a variety in entertainment options.

Anglers from all over the world are clued into the hidden side of this tourist town.  You will do fishing in this coastal town as you enjoy other escapade.

So what does fishing in this place have to offer?

Billfish Bonanza

There are pelagic- filled offshore fishing grounds which are located a few minutes from the shoreline. Here, you’re a combination of sailfish, white Marlinand some other fish species. During the months of May and June, the species infiltrate the waters and therefore it’s the right time for you to come and test your skills with some big game beasts.  But the Battle Billfish is available the year round- not just this time alone.

The excitement begins when you start trolling – you’re likely to experience some lightening-speed runs, rod-bending action and plenty of acrobatic leaps.

The Billfish battlegrounds journey is so short and therefore families with young ones can give it a try.

The Barracuda

From the hard-fighting to the most vicious creatures, on the list is Barracuda. This is a species unique in its size and will give you the angling experience. They are toothy predators known for their ferocious bites and the sheer speed beneath the waters. In addition to these qualities, Playa del Carmen is peculiar in its availability. Fishing for this species is great through the year and no matter the time you go fishing; it’s likely that you’ll come across the feisty fish.

The younger species tend to lurk around the great Mayan Reef while larger ones join big game species offshore. The sharp-fanged creature looks scary but that shouldn’t put you off especially if you’re after the numbers.

Mahi Mahi

The underwater canyon off Playa del Carmen coastline is probably the best known Billfish hotspot. In addition, it’s a home to another great game player, the Mahi Mahi. It’s a brightly colored dazzling fish and if you need an angling adventure, it’s a perfect opponent for a tasty table fare and an impressive fight. Most exciting thing here is the local restaurants in Playa del Carmen will be glad to cook and serve up your Mahi to you.


Playa Del Carmen is not only a host to Barracuda and Mahi, but there are also other species like the Snapper, Wahoo and the tasty Grouper. The different types of species here provide an awesome fishing experience. Yes, the Amberjack it is. This type of fish pulls fast, strikes hard and could test the strength of your muscles as you engage in forceful dives even to the bottom of the water. You can also check here for further information for fishing in Playa del Carmen.

When preparing to test these waters, you’ve to get set with enough techniques to battle the beast. For you to lure an Amberjack into biting, Jigging is something you’ve to acquaint yourself with.

As you plan for a visit to Playa del Carmen, you should be ready for a slice of Mexico you’ve never experienced before. Pack the sunscreen; get your reels and rods ready to try out fishing.  The variety of fish species here will overwhelm you a great deal.

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