The ideal luxury retreat is a Bahamas Yacht Charter

Bahamas yacht

Looking to book the dream location for your Caribbean luxury charter? Look no further, as the Bahamas makes for the most idyllic and romantic destination. Providing mile-stretches of soft, white sand beaches surrounded by warm, beautiful, safe and shallow azure waters, a luxury charter through the Bahamas makes for the best summer getaway. Easily accessible from most US coastal cities, this tropical destination provides a warm, balmy climate, fascinating history and friendly locals.

Depending on your mood, the Bahamas can be an adventurers playground, lovers tranquil refugee or a mix of the two, as it offers a world of possibilities to indulge in. Made up of more than 700 islands and over 2400 cays, The Bahamas are surrounded by one of the world’s most stunning great barrier reefs. This spectacular and colourful coral reef system that rims the area offers 100 miles of relaxed cruising through the shallow waters of the Sea of Abaco. A form of natural protection from the rough waves of the open seas, it is also home to countless species of marine life. Ideal for all watersport fans, the Bahamas in the summer is the best place to enjoy a range of activities, from snorkelling to scuba diving, kitesurfing, deep-sea fishing and jet skiing. Spend your days soaking up the sun on one of the area’s many beautiful beaches or swimming in its calm waters. The Bahamas is said to have some of the most beautiful and untouched beaches in the world. A veritable ecological oasis, as conservation and protecting its many ecosystems are vital to its locals. Its waters are so clean and pristine that you can see the seafloor in many shallow parts of the region.

Bahamas yacht

The famous Exumas chain of the Bahamas, home to 365 cays, is a must-see. Take in the stunning views of its pink sand beaches and anchor near Big Major’s Spot, the middle point of the archipelago, to see if you can spot the famous swimming pigs. First brought to the islands in the early 1990s, these ‘domesticated’ pigs enjoy swimming alongside boats and visitors in exchange for food. Nearby another famous natural site can be found – Thunderball Grotto. The iconic grotto where the James Bond film of the same name was shot, it is one of the Bahamas many natural wonders. Compass Cay, found in the same chain, is home to Rocky Dundas, an underwater cave system and passages where you can snorkel through stalactite and stalagmite formations. At the same time, the tidal pools onshore at the bubbling lagoon nicknamed Rachel’s Bubble Bath are a natural hot spring.

If you are looking for more excitement during your luxury charter in the Bahamas, there is also plenty to be found. Nassau, a buzzing town on New Providence Island and the capital of the Bahamas, is the place to be for more action and great nightlife. With an enviable array of restaurants, sophisticated casinos, and elegant hotels, the city is also a great base for your luxury charter as it offers stunning beaches, Atlantis, the mega-resort and marina, as well as traditional British Colonial architecture and Paradise Island.

Offering a series of spectacular locations within its radius, from Nassau to Eleuthera, why not consider booking a luxury charter through the Bahamas for your summer vacation today?

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