How to Securely Set Up a Beach Umbrella

How to Securely Set Up a Beach Umbrella

Most people, if not all, go to the beach to relax and enjoy the calm environment. However, the sun’s rays can be too harsh, so many will bring some shade in the form of a beach umbrella. You want to sit back and relax, so shade is necessary. However, strong winds and sandy soil at the beach may not allow you to enjoy especially when your umbrella begins to fly off. So how does one ensure this never happens to them? Well, using a beach umbrella anchor seems to be the best move. What’s more, the anchor also improves the safety of all beach users.

Getting a Beach Umbrella to Stay in the Sand

While most people imagine it would be easy to stick a beach umbrella in the sand and continue with their business, this is often far from the truth. Beach umbrellas require some skill to be correctly installed in the sand. People have been seriously injured, while others have missed flying umbrellas by a slim margin at the beach. Therefore, it is essential to understand and take necessary precautions to ensure that the umbrella is well-secured before you can leave for any other activities. You can do this in different ways.

Use a Sand Anchor

The easiest and safer way to anchor your beach umbrella is by using a unique gadget that gives you an extra layer of protection. This is known as the umbrella anchor. The RIO umbrella anchor is user-friendly, and anyone can use it. All you have to do is screw the anchor into the sand and place the umbrella into the anchor’s holder and securely tighten the bolts, and it will automatically prevent it from moving around. It would help if you considered investing in this affordable gadget, considering that it guarantees your safety and that of other beach users. When the wind starts to blow, a beach anchor will offer you the sound protection you need to enjoy a relaxed and shaded moment at the beach.

Just be sure that the umbrella you get to begin with is of excellent quality. You want an umbrella that can be supported and anchored without many problems. The pole should be thick and sturdy, with a spike end to penetrate inside the sand with a lot more ease. 

Secure the Umbrella in the Sand and Reinforce it

It is not enough to dig the umbrella into the sand. Sand is not stable enough to withstand the harsh winds that can easily uproot what seems like a sturdy umbrella. If you are still unsure about the sturdiness of the sand, you can add extra protection by adding a few stones around the base or, you can use your cooler or other beach items and surround your umbrella base to give some enhanced stability. Make sure to rock the umbrella back and forth and read the instructions from the manufacturer when using it at the beach.

Open and Tilt into the Wind

Once placed in the sand, open it and tilt it towards the wind once you are sure that the umbrella is deep enough into the soil. This will push the umbrella and force it to sink even deeper, securing it better into the sand. This is a safety measure that you do not want to ignore.

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