How to become a private tour guide in Sicily

How to become a private tour guide in Sicily

People usually hire private tour guides when they want to benefit from the personal experience of a guide and local knowledge, when they want personalized service or when they have a particular itinerary in mind. And this happens even if you decide to do private tours in Sicily Italy. Some Sicily private tour guides specialize in particular areas since there are so many places on the island to take vacationers.

Now regardless of whether you want to deal with luxury private tours of Sicily, to do the private guided tours of Sicily, you have to pay a fee and then pass a licensing exam. The exam typically asks questions related to the history of an area, transportation systems and local attractions. To pass certain exams, it may also be helpful to study more information about recommended restaurants and other local businesses. After passing the license exam, a logical next step for those who want to work in the world of Sicily private guide is to apply for a job at a tour company that offers private tours. In addition to submitting an application, you should also be prepared to submit a resume, and most employers also request personal interviews. Once hired, you may need to gain experience following the tours before driving them on your own.

You can also choose to become a self-employed private tour guide, so that you can charge higher rates for their services than the company’s tour guides. Since tourists usually rely on tourist websites to plan their trips, you could benefit from this by becoming a member of an online service that matches people with private tour guides. Keep in mind that to work within the world of the best private tours of Sicily you need to have skills. First and foremost it takes good customer service followed by excellent leadership skills. You generally need to be willing to deal with all personality types as well, since you will likely work more closely with small private groups. In general, private tour guides have more freedom to customize their services to suit specific clients. 

Many tourists appreciate being able to manage their Sicilian vacation with a private tour guide, able to provide unique services and personalize the tourist’s experience, in addition to the main tours. Some offer personal shopping services, for example, while others are qualified as interpreters for overseas visitors. Finding and using your unique talents is typically the best way to become a successful private tour guide.

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