Near Dehradun Best Treks

Near Dehradun Best Treks

This tourist book lists the best treks close to Dehradun, nature walks, day walks, weekend walks and Himlayan walks in the vicinity of Dehradun. Dehradun is located in a unique geographical position, nice weather, and near to the mountains of Shivalik, which makes it an ideal base for a walk, hiking, camping, and mountain exploration adventures.

Dehradun is like an entrance to the Himalayan day treks near Mussoorie, weekend camping, and hiking. Trekking near Dehradun is also nice if you schedule higher Himalayan walking routes such as Rupin Pass, Roopkund, Har Ki Dun, Kedarkantha, etc. An amateur hiking trailer will feel Himalayan trails during daily walks or weekends in the vicinity of Dehradun.

Nunes Bakarna Chhaskhet Trek

Nunes Bakarna Chhaskhet trekking, which begins in the village of Jhariwala on the Nun River, is a most adventurous and scenic trek near Dehradun. Around 6 km from Déhradun Garhi Cantt, close to Ganghora is Village Jhariwala. The trek starts with a walk along the forest along the river and gradually transforms into a walk through the village of Halduwala (900 m). It takes you from an altitude of 800 m (Jhariwala village) to 1800 m (Chaskhet village) in 4-5 hours and is the best thing about the Nunes Tchakarna Tchakhet. You get amazing views of the Dehradun and Mussoorie valleys as you climb up and up on the trail.

Benog Hill Trek

Benog Hill is a day trek in the area of Dehradun, a forest hike in Mussoorie’s Mountain Quail Shrine and takes you further to the Benog Tibba Hill (2,250m). Benog Tibba Trek is the perfect day trip for amateurs, children, the elderly, nature lovers, and photographers. The Himalayan flora & fauna – the black Himalayan bear, the leopard, the Ghural, barking dee “Kakar,” and numerous rare birds & plant species are found in the Sanctuary. From Clouds End, which is about 7 km from Mussoorie, Benog Hill starts trekking. Mussoorie is a renowned mountain station just an hour’s drive up from Dehradun.

Bhadra Forest Trek

The Trek Bhadraj near Dehradun & Mussoorie offers photographic walks through a forest, contrasting views to the Temple Bhadraj on the Mountain Top (2,200 m). The annual fair is held in the month of August at the Bhadraj temple on the top of a mountain dedicated to lord Balbhadra. The panoramic panorama on the north of the Himalayas, Assan barrage westward, and Doon valley southwards, is 352 degrees. From Dudhli village, which is approximately ten km from Mussoorie, the Bhadraj trek begins.

Chhaskhet Nature Trek

Chhaskhet Nature Trek is a simple walk along the scenic and untouched Western outskirts of the Mussoorie mountain station just an hour’s drive from Dehradun. From Clouds End, Chhaskhet Trek leads you along the scenic path of woodland that leads to the small picturesque Chhaskhet, at 1.780 meters altitude. The village of Chhaskhet is located in the beautiful oak, birch and pine forest, a delight for nature lovers and photography fans. Many unusual Himalayan birds & animals can be seen in the nearby paths of forest, including barking “kakar” cheeks..

Pari Tibba Trek

The “Fairies Hill,” Pari Tibba Trek, is a wonderful woodside promenade in the vicinity of Dehradun and begins on the eastern edges of Mussoorie near the popular Woodstock school. Pari Tibba ridge trek provides nature lovers in every season with something new. In April, the rhododendrons are fully flowering and the oak in new violet leaves, and from October on, you will see the Mussoorie winterline on your front seat. The top of the hill at Pari Tibba is covered with a dense forest of oaks and deodar and has about 120 fabulous ferns. Pari Tibba top offers splendid views over the Doon Valley in the south and higher Himalayans in the north.

Nag Tibba Trek

The location of Nag Tibba is in Uttarakhand’s Tehri Garhwal region. Nag Tibba Trek begins in the village of Pantwari, some 96 km from Dehradun, or 3 hour by car. Nag Tibba has rocking tracks, forest walks & beautiful views to higher peaks such as the Nanda Devi, Gangotri, Swargarohini, Kedarnath, Chaukhamba and much more, all season trekking near Dehradun. Trip to Nag Tibba has some of Uttarakhand’s finest campsites. The best part of the Nag Tibba Trek is the climb of Nag Tibba peak (3,022 m), the highest mountain in the lower Garhwal Mount. All this and good road connections to Pantwari make Nag Tibba the best trek near Dehradun on the weekends.

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