Himachal Pradesh’s Top 10 Treks

Himachal Pradesh's Top 10 Treks

Himachal Pradesh is a country with landscapes, mountain resorts, and temples laden with snow. The state of Dhauladhar Range lies mostly on the foothills of the greenery from rivers Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej, and the Yamuna. It’s a desirable tourist destination, just to watch the snow-capped mountains and the rugged rivers flowing down through the hills. Himachal Pradesh is a favorite destination for both beginners and excursionists. Here are the top ten treks in Himachal Pradesh to fill your journey with some adventure.

1. Hampta Pass Trek

From Kullu Manali valley, the Hampta Pass Trek starts at the top of Chandra Lahaul Valley. The view of the oak and walnut trees in the large canopy of the forest during the journey is absolutely fascinating. From a lush green Kullu-Manali to a nearly unclear Chandra valley, the backdrop is gradually changing. Due to the elevation of the spot, the tour is moderately extenuating, but the view from the top will keep you cool.

2. Pin Parvati Pass

The Kullu and the Spiti valleys are linked to Pin Parvati. If you see the extreme ends of the Himalayas with green pine trees and woods on one side and a stony mass of ice as we go up, you will be spellbound. The Buddhist monasteries Ki Gompo and Tabo are situated at the top of the valley. Snow leopards can be the show robbers on the journey if you love hot spring and luck.

3. Kinnaur Kailash Trek

Kinnaur Kailash is challenging and is only suitable for professional walkers. This is the location where Lord Shivas has concealed a deadly daemon, Bhasmasur before the latter is destroyed by Lord Vishnu. The tale is backed by a great formation of rock found at the top that changes color by the sun and looks like Shiva Lingam. The path is along the route of Charang La. The journey is breathtaking with green valleys, greenery and snow. It is enough to complete a 10-12-day trek.

4. Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund is a reasonably fast trek for beginners along the Solang valley. The tour takes you to the valley of the Beas river from which you come. The views are frequented by shepherds often during the walk by green trees and meadows. The Beas Kund tour is only a journey of two or three days, although the tourist season in October could be crowded. Beas Kund is also the base camp for the Ladakhi climb, with a high degree of friendship.

5. Chandratal Trek

It is possible to convert Chandratal to Lake Moon. The name of the place lies in the midst of the dry land in the Spiti valley, due to the formed lake. The lake can be reached during the tourist season from Batal and Kunzum Pass. The wetlands near the lake are the famous campsites, which lay a tapestry of wildflowers when Spring arrives. Located approximately 30 kms away, Lake Suraj Taal is also accessible from Chandratal.

6. Indrahar Pass Trekking

The Indrahar Pass is part of Dharmshala’s popular hiking route. It crosses the Dhauladhar range, beginning in the Kangra valley, and then ends the Ravi river basin trek. The key attractions of the journey include deodar trees, snow bridges, and snaky mountain rivers.

7. Triund trek

This is a simple tour for people who want to take a look at the Himalayan beauty without breaking a lot of sweat. The trail begins in Trend, at the base of the range of Dhauladhar, which runs along the Kangra and Chamba shepherd roads. This trek is a one-day trip from McLeod Ganj that, thanks to its vast number of Tibetans, is known as Little Lhasa. You are awaited by the sight of deodars, rhododendrons and carefree cattle.

8. Bhrigu Lake Trek

While a moderately challenging journey, Bhrigu Lake Trek can be a fascinating experience during ascent and descent with mates, campfires and stories. The lake is known as Bhrigu Maharshi’s residence and has a great religious value. Before the lake begins to freeze in mid-June, be sure to visit the site. Fantastic valleys, trees and wild berries will leave you astonished.

9. Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek

The Gaddi shepherds’ pastures and the sloping glaciers of the top of Deo Tibba are the takeaways of this trek. You can launch your trip from Jagat Sukh 6 km south of Manali and walkers can also see Pir Panjal along the Rohtang Pass. The journey is also possible. On the way, you can see a bubbling river, colorful flowers and a rocky bridge across the river.

10. Kanamo Peak Trek

A peak tour in Kanamo is an excellent way to set off from the Himalayan route. Nature lies before you in the most pristine shape. The splendor of the Himalayan wildlife with Himalayan Ibex, Blue Sheep, Snow Leopard and the Tibetan wolves can be walked along the Spiti Valley and Chandratal Lake. The local villages and monasteries of Tibet speak of tranquility and quietness.

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