Red Flags Of Restaurants That Ask You To Swipe Left!!

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We opt for restaurants to have a palette change or spend some time outside while socialising. Such establishments have introduced many foodies to the world of international cuisine, allowing them to expand their horizons with food without taking a trip to the place. Do you want something Middle Eastern in Willoughby? No problem, look for a restaurant that serves Middle Eastern Food, and you’re good to go. No matter wherever you go, there’s no end to the number of restaurants in Artarmon or Sydney. 

Have you ever wondered, though, what makes some restaurants overflowing with guests while some are dead like a Monday morning on a Saturday evening? 

Here are some red flags that make restaurants undesirable, and if you notice these anywhere you walk-in be sure to look for another place to eat, 

A bad first impression:

If you notice food particles on the floor, dirty tables, and an all-around mess upon walking into a restaurant, it’s probably best to find somewhere else to dine. Go with your gut. If the front-of-the-house is in disorder, imagine what’s happening in the kitchen! It is better to walk away and look through other restaurants in Artarmon or wherever you are in such a situation. 

The food isn’t the right temperature:

When you’re asking for hot food, it should be served piping hot. Food that comes to the table somewhat warm may have been kept aside for a while, allowing bacteria to thrive. Before taking a second bite, ask your server to warm your dish to the correct heat.

Your server is sick:

One of the most comfortable manners to reach illness is to have your food served or cooked by a sick person. If your server is continuously sneezing or looks like they should be comfortable in bed, resting. Not only can you be vulnerable to what they have, but they have a higher chance of developing bacteria called Staphylococcus Aureus, which is located in our nose and throat.

The water tastes off:

Ever taken a sip of water that tastes like elements? That could imply that the establishment isn’t using the right amount of chemical sanitiser to soften their water. They might be utilising too much sanitiser, which can potentially be hazardous.

The sliced produce looks old:

Fresh produce should be chopped up as close to assistance as possible. If your melon appears glassy or is plain, it’s probably been sitting around for a while. If this is the crisis, those fruits and greens will be lower in vitamins since vitamins are damaged when the product is presented to oxygen, especially for an extended period.

The bathroom is dirty:

When the restroom has no paper wipes, wet and messy sinks, and the stalls are just gross, it’s a signal that the restaurant isn’t maintaining its cleaning arrangements— and regular cleaning is part of running a sanitised and hygienic restaurant.

You notice flies and mouse droppings:

Pest administration is a crucial part of running a clean restaurant. Insects and rodents carry disease-causing microorganisms, including bacteria and germs. If you spy various flies or mouse droppings on the ground (they’re typically black), the restaurant may have an infestation and must not be operating.

The utensils are dirty:

No one wants their Middle Eastern cuisine in Willoughby restaurant in dirty silverware. Bacteria are carried onto forks, spoons and knives every time they touch your lips. Part of the restaurant’s job is to ensure the utensils are cleaned and sanitised correctly to avoid the range of germs. If you find numerous dirty utensils, that’s a telltale sign that no one is paying attention at the dishwashing station. 

They don’t take your food allergy seriously:

When you alert your server or an administrator that you have a food allergy and they don’t seem to care or know your dietary needs, it’s a bad sign. They may not be educated on which components and dishes contain the allergen, and they may not have guidelines in position to shield you. If you have a food allergy and aren’t sure if the establishment “gets” it, go find another place to dine.

If you ever experience these signs in any restaurant, it is your time to walk out!!

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