Visit Visa Extension to Dubai

Visit Visa Extension to Dubai

Dubai is a great destination to enjoy and spend quality time exploring the cultural blends, the beauty of the architecture and landscapes, and the extreme charm of the urban modern lifestyle here in Dubai. Therefore, probably 30 or even 90 days Visit visa to Dubai may not be enough and need to be extended to get enough time to explore. A complete guide is here within your reach to learn all you need about Dubai Visit Visa Extension.

For whom is this Visit Visa Extension allowed?

We are glad to announce that Visit Visa Extensions to Dubai is allowed for many people with different Visit Visa type. Whether you are a business owner who wants to extend your stay, here, in Dubai for job purposes, or a tourist who comes here to enjoy his/her vacations in every means possible. And also, the visa could be extended for a family member who comes to visit his/her relative and needs more time to enjoy gathering with them.

How to extend your Visit Visa to Dubai and what are the necessary documents?

The Visit Visa extension is almost easy and fast without leaving the country, and you can apply for the extension online. But keep in mind that there are some countries such as Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, France, and many more where the visa can only be extended once. All you need is to get the necessary documents uploaded correctly and pay the charges before your existing Visit Visa expiry date regardless of its type. Because in case your visa is expired, you can have 10 days more to stay but you will pay a fine of AED 100.  

It is important to note that the visit visa extension is valid for 60 days maximum twice and if you want to extend it for a second time, please make sure to do that before the first extension expiry date.

To upload the necessary documents, you should have a sponsor who could guarantee you while staying here. The guarantor types are; a company, UAE resident, or even a hotel licensed to operate here.

The necessary documents are:

First, the guarantor documents which includes name, address, mobile, and a copy of his/her National ID 

Then, your personal documents include a clear copy of passport’s front and last page

A clear passport size photograph with a white background

A scanned copy of your existing visit visa and related medical certificates

Now I will summarize the simple steps to get your Visit Visa extended for 30 days or 90 days once or twice. 

First, you should fill the application form properly and check twice you write the correct data.

Second, you need to upload the necessary document after reviewing their validity and their scanned copy is clearly visible and readable. 

Third, you should deposit the Visit Visa extension charges in accordance with uploading your documents and send us a copy of the transactions after the bank confirmation. 

The last step will be related to the confirmation of your Visit Visa extension approval, we will send you that via email or WhatsApp

The duration of this processing is

Very quick and easy it may take a few hours or 1-3 days according to the UAE authorities’ acceptance. to avoid delay, you should not submit your application during holidays or days off. And also, to avoid rejection, be sure you fill the form correctly and upload the right clear documents.

For further information or inquiries, you can contact us on WhatsApp or via email; our visa experts are available 24-hour for serving you and getting your services done properly and quickly. 

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