Spelunking in India: Dive deeper in the search of true adventure

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Spelunking may not be a new addition to our vocab at this moment, but when it comes to this activity only a handful of us have a clear idea about the activity and the locations. So to start off in the least pedantic way, all we can say is, if you are willing to take a deeper plunge in search of the fountain of adrenaline and excitement, spelunking is your sport!

Spelunking or caving is yet to take a deeper route in India. India has a huge potential of caving and cave diving as far as topography is considered. But the infrastructure for this adventure sport is not only financially challenging, it also requires considerable expertise and experience which is quite lacking at the moment in the country.

Where are the few places where a thrill seeker can book the bestow tour packages

Garo Hills, Meghalaya


Best season: November to March

Duration: 5 to 6 days

This has to top the list as all caving lovers’ paradise. It may be your first time exploring the secrets of the earth or you might consider yourself quite the connoisseur in the art of exploring and understanding caves, Garo Hills will be perfect for your next adventure trip. It has a network of over 500 caves over a thousand kilometers that awaits your passion for a good quest.

Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya


Best season: November to March

Duration: 6 to 7 days

The abode of clouds is also the home of a thousand unexplored and considerably virgin caves. These caves are homes to their own microenvironments with endemic flora, a huge variety of rare animals and birds, exciting collection of undisturbed fossils and pristine water bodies. One of the cave systems nestled in these hills is also the longest in India, the Krem Liat Prah-Um Im- Labit system which is 22, 203 meters long. Get ready to explore a world that the earth has kept well hidden from the outside world at the Jaintia Hills.

Siju Cave, Meghalaya


Best season: November to March

Duration: 5 to 6 days

Meghalaya is the spelunking capital of India with its three main clusters of cave networks. The Garo Hills have their own uniqueness like the Siju Cave that is the third longest cave in India. This cave is best known for its imposing stalactites and stalagmites and intricate river passages which make this descend pretty challenging and at the same time, extremely rewarding.

Thalon caves, Manipur


Best season: November to March

Duration: 1hour (depending on tenacity and expertise)

The Thalon caves are located 900 meters above the sea level and holds significant historical importance in the molding of the local culture and beliefs. Although there are multitudes of caves located in this region the caves have one factor in common. The caves in Thalon are the only standing proof of the Hoabinhian culture in the North-Eastern regions of the country.

Krem Chympe River Caving, Meghalaya


Best season: November to March

Duration: 1hour (depending on tenacity and expertise)

Yet another hidden gem in Meghalaya, Krem Chympe is the 5th longest cave in India near the Khaddum village. The only way to access the 3.5 km long cave is through swimming in its deep lakes. The cave is the home to bats and fishes and is still waiting to be fully explored.

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