Reasons Why You Should Visit Egypt At Least Once

Egypt is known for its ancient treasures and unique history; however, there’s more to Egypt than you may expect. Egypt is undoubtedly a bucket-list worthy nation from surreal waters and broad beaches with golden sand to remarkable architecture. Let us look at Reasons why Egypt should be your next destination

It’s among the oldest ancient civilizations on Earth 

Ancient Egypt is one of the most interesting and oldest civilizations on Earth. The Great Pyramids of Giza, the only surviving ancient miracle, together with ancient Egyptians’ statues and tombs, continue to grab high archeologists’ attention and, of course, the entire world. To this day, the remains of the Egyptian culture are still to be uncovered.

It’s the longest river on Earth

Position as the longest river globally, the Nile River extends around 6,695 kilometers in length and flows to the Mediterranean. Moreover, tourists may visit several attractions throughout the Nile, the most prominent being Luxor and Aswan.

You will follow the footsteps of Moses.

Mount Moses, also known as Jabal Al Tor, is considered a sacred site visited by tourists from various religions such as Islam, Christianity and Judaism. It’s situated in the beautiful Sinai Peninsula, where many enjoy mountain hiking and climbing as well.

Its undersea is out of the world.

The Red Sea is the ideal place to dive in Egypt and even in the world, offering varied diving locations for an unforgettable experience. From bright corals to colorful, distinctive fish, you will never want to swim back to the surface. Egypt presents different diving opportunities such as wrecks, walls, drifts, pinnacles, shore dives, day boats and liveaboards. You may say it is a diver’s paradise!

Its shores are surreal.

Egypt’s beaches are a fantasy come true. The nation is home to globally competitive beaches with soft golden sands that are excellent for honeymooners, family members, friends and even solo travelers. From Luxury Nile River Cruise, steady beaches in addition to wave beaches, they’re not to be overlooked.

It is a field for water sports champions.

Kite and windsurfing champions worldwide train in these locations because of their ideal weather and protected waters that are safe. Egypt has some of the best kite and windsurfing schools, so be certain to get your game on. Summer is the best time to take a dip and go diving, whereas it is far better to see historic sites during winter because most of them are situated in desert places.

Safari desert excursions are the Very Best in Egypt

Approximately 90 per cent of Egypt’s land is desert, making it the ideal place for a new dessert experience. The perfect way to discover the black and white desert or the oasis is through a safari excursion. The horseback riding adventure is amazing. Wherever you will enjoy your horseback riding experience in Egypt, rest assured that you will have a view to match it with.

Egyptians are Full of culture

There probably is not a nation with a rich and varied culture like Egypt. Its people have different accents, distinctive food, unique customs and even different styles representing each city. Some towns also have other languages! Just wandering around Egypt is an adventure in and of itself.

Egyptian Cuisine Is Absolutely Delicious

Egyptian food was influenced by neighboring states in the Middle East, leading to dishes filled with yummy flavors. Not only is it delicious, but the food in Egypt shapes its culture. Egyptians turn to food in times of happiness, need and battle. It is the highlight of any event.

It is a fairytale for art and architecture lovers

Cairo has some of the finest Islamic architecture and art, which are considered treasures. They are mostly found in mosques which have been standing for the last 1,200 years, like the Mosque of Ibn Tulun, the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, the Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan and the list continues. These mosques are an ideal combination for all architecture, history and art lovers.


Egypt is a country that provides diverse and rich culture; its people speak different accents, eat distinctive food, have intriguing traditions, and even they wear different styles that represent each city. Go wandering around Egypt and enjoy the adventure.

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