What Are The Best Countries To Learn To Surf?

What Are The Best Countries To Learn To Surf?

Stood majestically like a Greek god of the sea, surfing into treacherous waves, while catching the rays of the sun: we all have such a great image in our minds when it comes to picturing a surfer riding the ocean’s waves. 

However, when it comes to learning to surf, that expected image can become a harsh reality as you struggle to stay standing. Although, this godly surfing image can become reality if you learn the surfing ins and outs – but where exactly is best for learning to surf?

If you’re looking to take up surfing, you may be wondering where the best countries are to learn this dazzling water sport – and there’s no doubt many countries out there do make for great surf holidays. So, here’s our guide to the parts of the world we would advise you to head to with a surfboard. 


Portugal is Europe’s surfing capital, home to some of the best surfing hotspots the “Old Continent” has to offer. Because Portugal has a lengthy, rocky coastline, wave ranges largely vary depending on where along the coast you are. This allows beginners to be exposed to a variety of ocean and wave conditions in a single country, so learning is made very easy and accessible. 

Due to Portugal’s often empty coastlines and uncrowded beaches, there are many surf camps here that can be judgement-free zones, and the average temperature of the waters is about 16 degrees Celsius, which is perfect for those who want a slightly warmer, bearable temperature for their beginner surfing experience. 

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a real tropical paradise and a beautiful place for all surfers to ride jarring waves in a rapturous fashion. Costa Rica is spectacular for surfing thanks to the stunning swells on both its Pacific and Caribbean shores, which produce waves suited for all abilities of surfers. 

If you want to begin your surfing adventure with less tidal pressure and warmer conditions, this is the destination to set sail to. The waters are warm throughout the year and waves can be sizable, but between November and May, they can be less large and impactful – ideal for beginners.


Learn to surf in Morocco, and you will be braving the ocean’s vigorous waves in a trice. Morocco’s huge selection of surfing operators and warm, relaxing beaches with wonderful waves give the opportunity for everyone to learn at their own speed, making it the ideal spot for learners who wish to leave the coast having acquired a decent level of skill. 

Temperatures here are warm and average all year round, making learning more tolerable.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a picturesque nation in the Indian Ocean, just south of India. Alongside gorgeous landscapes, you will find yourself learning how to surf in the face of blissful scenery all around the area. 

When it comes to surfing, Sri Lanka is famous for its tremendously large waves that even rookies can ride to make the sport look easy. In Sri Lanka, there are two surfing seasons: one for the south coast and one for the east coast. As a result, surfing is feasible throughout the year.

Has all of the above given you some decent ideas for your own next surfing holiday in exotic (or at the very least, interesting) climes? If so, we can offer you enticing travel packages to all the destinations you can shake a surfboard at… and then a few more after that.

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