India’s top ten best treks

India's top ten best treks

Although the Himalayas of India cannot compete in terms of height with their Nepalese peers, they have fantastic trekking routes. Indian trekking routes certainly worth money and effort with their rare combination of nature and culture. The Indian Himalayas are distributed over five Indian states, covering a wide region on the northern border of the country.

In this post, we have included the 10 best walks in India for an overview of your walks in India. These are the most common guided tours based on the number of hiking riders in the Indian Himalayas. In the end, the journey you want is based more than anything else on personal interests. The walks differ from time to time in terms of difficulty, cultural aspects, religion and, of course, distance. You can choose informedly which trek is appropriate for you, depending on these factors and your budget.

Here’s our list of the top 10 best treks in India without further ado:

1. The Zanskar River Trek of Chadar

This exciting trip, with a beautiful Winter Garden, is an excellent trek along the frozen Zanskar River and an outstanding look at the ancient culture of the Ladakh Region. This trek is all about ice roads, bone-chilling waves, pristine nature, and a lifetime experience.

2. Gangotri Gomukh trek

This tour takes you to Gangotri Glacier at Gomukh, the source of the Ganges. A journey across Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand. The area offers a great natural delight, including the unusual blue mountain goats, a wide variety of plants and animals. The glacier is surrounded on all sides by wonderful mountains, a truly fascinating view.

3. Ladakh – Markha Valley trek

A very famous trek in the region of Ladakh is the Valley Trek Markha. A wide range of terrain can take you to, including dry mountains, streams and towns with wheat, barley and mustards fields. It is a repository of ancient Tibetan history, housing many old Buddhist monasteries. For a lifetime a trek through the area is grafted into your brain.

4. Kuari Tapovan trek

This trek has you walking in the shadows of some more than 7000 peaks on the enchantingly beautiful Indian Garhwal region. Rare Himalayan fauna including a snow leopard and musk deer can be found in the area. The highlight of the walk is the Kuari Pass at 4264 m above sea level. The trek is very simple and offers a practical experience of the local Hindu community.

5. Nanda Devi trek

Nanda Devi is the highest point of Garhwal in India, reaching 7816 meters above sea level. The Nanda Devi National Park, which is the home of rare flora and fauna of the Himalayas, spread over a mountain lap, is a place of beauty. You can hike along the foothills of the Himalayas and numerous small valleys, rivers and glaciers. The place is an epitome of untouched natural beauty, which every year attracts thousands of photographers, hikers and mystics.

6. Goecha La trek

Goecha La, a trek in the heart of the beautiful Sikkim country, is the third highest peak on the planet, Kanchenjunga. This trek has everything, whether it’s lovely rhododendron woods, picnic mountain reserves or plain blue Himalayan lakes. The tour is very difficult, but you’ll certainly find it worth the effort when you look at the magnificent Dzongri Himalayas.

7. Valley of Flowers

The valley of flowers trek is very well called high in the Himalayas of Uttaranchal, at the height of 3658 m. It is a wide valley with more flowers than can be expected to grow. It has stunning mountains on either side. It is a spectacular place. The floor of the valley is brightly colored, and the whole place is delightful and intense. The floral valley looks like the sky on earth after a thrilling tour in the Himalayan foothills.

8. Roopkund trek

Roopkund is a 5029 m high lake, famous for the remains of the human skeleton found on its bottom. A ride through the untouched woods of the remote Roopkund Lake with rivers blowing underneath you. The luxuriant greenery, many birds, Himalayan peaks, flat plains and the Hindi temples are all for an amazing experience on the route to Roopkund.

9. Dodital trek

A small freshwater lake called Dodital is located within snow-capped mountains in Uttarakhand. It is a place of natural beauty and cultural significance and is considered sacred. The relaxing ride to the lake brings you through the fluffy, snowy ground with cool winds blowing through your hair. Overall, Dodital is a wonderful ride in the Himalayas, which after many years you will lovingly remember.

10. Stok Kangri trek

At an altitude of 6153 m, the Stok Kangri Trek takes you to the highest ascent in India. It is a moderately difficult trek in the area of Ladakh which is ideal for professional hikers, although it really does not involve skills in mountaineering. From the Stok Kangri summit, a magnificent view of the Himalayas is made to recollect the entire trek.

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