The amazing things you can do on a Yacht Charter

The amazing things you can do on a Yacht Charter

Going out on a yacht charter is pretty spectacular in its own right, but there are so many amazing activities you can include in your itinerary to make it the trip of a lifetime. In this post, we’ll share some of the incredible things you can do, both onboard and off.

What can I do onboard?

Aside from relaxing and soaking up the glorious sunshine, there are many activities you can do while you are onboard. Here are some of them:

  1. Kick back and unwind while live entertainment is playing. Think a DJ, dancers, or musicians – you’re only limited by your imagination.
  2. Get creative with a cooking lesson or cocktail class.
  3. Host special occasions such as birthday celebrations, engagements, and more.
  4. Fully immerse yourself in the serenity with a massage or facial.
  5. Wine and dine with a customized menu and premium drinks package.
  6. Get the sound system pumping and boogie into the night.
  7. Throw out a line to catch some fresh seafood.
  8. Watch the sunrise and sunset over the stunning Riviera Maya Coast and Mexican Caribbean.

If any of the activities mentioned above are something you’d like for the trip, ensure you let your charter provider know beforehand so they can organize it all. Yacht charter companies such as ours here at Riviera Charters can take care of everything, including, food, drinks, entertainment, decorations, and so much more. We work with you to make sure your trip is one to remember.

What can I do on the water?

Your itinerary will likely include some stop points along the way, and there is so much more to do than just swimming. For a lot of people, the water activities that you can include in a yacht charter trip are the highlight. Here are some of the many activities you can do while out on the water:

  1. Discover some of the most stunning underwater sea life with a snorkeling or scuba diving session. Your captain can take you to some of the most pristine locations, providing you with the ultimate day out on the water.
  2. Explore nearby islands and coves on a jet-ski.
  3. Test your balance on a stand-up paddleboard, you may even see a turtle or two in your travels.
  4. Enjoy the sun by floating on some inflatables on the turquoise waters of the Riviera Maya.
  5. Get in some exercise with a kayak and check out secluded nature spots.
  6. Be a kid again with an inflatable waterslide off the side of the yacht.
  7. Observe the majestic gentle giants of the ocean with a whale shark tour.

Again, it’s always best to discuss what you’d like your trip to include beforehand so that your charter staff can bring along or organize the necessary equipment, services, or catering.

What can I do on land?

Depending on the type of trip you want, you may have the option to stop over at secluded locations or tourist hotspots. Some popular locations include exquisite beaches and picturesque islands. This provides the perfect opportunity for taking photos, having a cocktail by the water, snorkeling, swimming, and simply having fun. Your charter company can run you through the options available to you given the booking you have chosen.

What can I expect a day on a yacht charter to look like?

The great thing about booking a private yacht charter is that the trip can be entirely customized to suit your preferences however, here is a basic rundown on what you can expect when on a yacht charter to give you a brief idea:


Once you wake, you can expect breakfast to be served shortly thereafter. All food is prepared and cooked by an executive chef. Once you have eaten, you can have a lazy morning lying about on the sunbed or start your day with an activity of your choice.


This time of day includes a chef-prepared lunch, and the rest of the time can be spent in the water, onboard, or onshore. This will be all pre-planned ahead of time to ensure that you make the most of every moment while on your trip.


Your afternoon can be spent in any way you choose. Perhaps some music and margaritas while watching the sunset? Fishing? Or a cooking class ready to serve at dinner time?


Onboard, you’ll be served premium drinks such as cocktails, mocktails, spirits, and more. This allows you to gather after a busy day and take in your surroundings. A feast will be cooked for you and your guests and then served. You are waited on hand and foot. At this point in the day, your yacht has already anchored for the night. From dinner, you can have a spa, massage, or more drinks while listening to the sound of water lapping at the side of the boat – whatever your heart desires.

Whether you book a yacht charter for relaxation, a party, or even a bit of both, one things for sure, you’ll have the time of your life when booking a trip with us here at Riviera Charters. We have a large fleet available and have options to suit every taste and budget. If you have any questions or you’d like to book, contact our friendly team. We’d love to help you create the most memorable and fun trip with friends and family that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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