Travel Destinations You Should Consider To Visit

Travel Destinations You Should Consider To Visit

While traveling to different countries, staying in different hotels might be a wholesome experience. But you still cannot deny the fact that backpacking is another level of experience. It is fun and exciting, and you get to experience a lot of new things, Just like Dr. Richard Nahas, who has backpacked for 30 different countries and explored different cultures.

And this type of fun you might not be able to experience on a traditional trip. So what are the backpackers and what are the destinations you can travel to for backpacking. Find out below:

Who Are the Backpackers?

Backpackers are not like traditional travelers. Instead, they like to keep on foot exploring new things, having some new experience in the areas they have never been before. Backpackers are always most interested in being outdoors and are always trying to find new areas, pieces of land that pique their interest. Now for those who are new backpackers who do not have any idea about where to start and what to do? The best thing is to start with your area. Go on some outdoor trips near your place and dry to adapt to that. Then go for any other out of the state trips so that adapting to the new situation is easy for you.

What Is Backpacking?

Backpacking means that whatever you want for your trip is all in just one bag that’s on your back. Yep, no suitcases or extra luggage. Just one bag pack that contains all your essentials that you totally cannot go without on any trip.  You can even get tips from Dr. Sanjay Gupta who has been to many countries to know about their culture and living style.

Travel Destinations You Should Consider

1.    Thailand

For me, the number one place that someone should backpack for is Thailand. With the abundance of beaches, oceans, beautiful lagoons, and lush greens, this place is a must to visit not only for travelers but also backpackers. And if you talk about the budget, then undeniably, Thailand is a cheap country as everything is so affordable.

2.    Philippines

Islands are something that the backpackers especially go for and if you are looking for something like that, then go for the Philippines. The blue oceans, fun ferry trips, and the affordability of this country is no joke. Visiting Palawan should be on your list because this is one of the best places for backpackers if they don’t want to miss island hopping. But then camping in the Kalanggaman Island is also a must thing to do, so plan out when and where you should visit this country.

3.    Turkey

It might not be a traditional backpacking country but believe me, one visit, and you won’t even regret it. A big Islamic country with the influence of Europe, you will find a mix of cultures here. And please don’t just stick with Istanbul because if you go a little to the sides of Turkey, you will be amazed by the beauties. Whether it is the Maldives like blue lagoons or some hidden ancient monasteries, you will find all here.

4.    New Zealand

Well, if you don’t have New Zealand added to your bucket list of backpacking areas, then you are missing so much. Because who doesn’t like to have a camping trip once in a while and New Zealand is the best option for such trips. And if you are someone who is a fan of outdoor activity, then congratulations, you found your utopia. Whether it is horse riding, skydiving, bungee jumping, or traditional hitchhiking, you will find it all in one place.


Backpacking is a great experience and can help you learn a lot about different cultures and systems. I recommend you to check and get tips from Richard Nahas, who backpacked for 30 different countries and he was able to enjoy his travels. You can also learn a lot from these backpacking experiences, so start planning where you are going first.

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