Enjoy Whale Watching in Los Angeles

whale watching Los Angeles


Can you hear the Whale Song resonating deep?

Can you hear that deep, slow hum within your mind asleep?

Can you understand the Whale Song and feel its undulating Vibrating through our bodies within our flesh and bone?”

Do you want to hear the whale song in a deep blue sea? Then hurry up and join a whale-watching Los Angeles. It is lingering for you to provide a comfortable expedition in the sea with an efficient captain-friendly crew and knowledgeable guide who will deliver you every detail about aquatic life.

Some Valuable Queries

Why are you choosing whale watching Los Angeles?

 The most important reason is it has no additional charge at the time of journey by the sea. The captain is the most worthwhile one here. There is also an experienced guide. So you are not left without providing the best knowledge and memory of this marine world. They will able to convey the character of grey whales, killer whales, seals, etc. 

When do you prefer the best time to watch a whale?

Month wise the month of May to November is the precise time to enjoy the whale watching. Now, if you think that you have to take a load of it. Then you are wrong. They’re a team is allotted to choose the perfect time for you. They go to the sea in the early morning to recognize the atmosphere. So you can visit whale watching Los Angeles without any confusion.

Why it is the perfect place for whale watching?

Actually, it is asserted that the home or motherland of whales in  Southern California. Especially, the water of the Pacific Ocean is suitable for them. So that for long years, Los Angeles becomes the most demanding place to visit for whale watching.

What is the time duration of this tour?

The most charming whale watching tour in Los Angeles consists of a time duration of 2 to 2.5 hours. The main attraction of this sea excursion is to discover the several and unique variety of whales, such as Blue Whale, Gray Whale, Humpback, Fin Whale, Mince Whale etc. Not only whales but you can also be allowed to see other aquatic creature like- Marine lion, Seal, Dolphin, sea birds etc. The professional tour guide will help you to know enough facts about them.

The Price Range

  • For babies, whale watching in Los Angeles costs no price.
  • For the age group of 3 to 11 years, the ticket cost is $30.
  • From 12+ child to 65 aged adults, it costs $35-$40.
  • Over 65 age, it is $35.

For online booking, you may be lucky to get a $10 discount on adult tickets.


The whale is the biggest fish on this earth. And you are blessed to see a wide range of various kinds of the whale at a single place. So that it must be the most remarkable sea journey in your life. And whale watching Los Angeles always offers you an exciting offer to have your tour soon.

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