Traveling Tips- Staying Safe When Travelling in a Different Country

Traveling Tips- Staying Safe When Travelling in a Different Country

No matter in which country you are traveling to, there is an uncomfortable feeling about your first trip overseas. Going somewhere in foreign places is quite exciting but scary too. George Valentine Freundlich a medical doctor and musician, also enjoys traveling around the world. In this article, you will learn about some safety tips you should follow while going on a trip.

Useful International Tips

  • Get Your COVID Test Done

If you are traveling internationally, you must get your COVID test done. A negative report will allow you to travel abroad.

  • Health Checkup and Vaccination

 Check with your doctor and make sure that you are properly vaccinated; show them a vaccinated card. Take all your medical supplements with you, also ask your medical insurance provider if your medical reports are fine for applying overseas.

  • Take Care of Your Personal Belongings and Money 

Make sure that you can take care of your personal belongings. Don’t take valuable jewelry with you like heavy diamond rings and gold necklaces; try to keep safe in a hand carry bag with you. 

Make sure that your credit card will work in that country in which you are visiting. Take local cash with you because credit cards won’t work everywhere.

  • Keep Your Passport with You

Bring copies of your passport; if in case your passport gets stolen, make sure that you will return to your country or prove your citizenship.

  • Contact Your Embassy

Register with the embassy because if there is any problem in the country you are visiting, the embassy will make it easier for government to contact you and make you feel safe.

  • Don’t Take Unnecessary Things

Don’t put a burden on yourself while traveling on public transport, always gather your essentials in one hand-carry bag, shed off the extra weight things because it is hard to keep all unnecessary things when using public transport.

  • Avoid Being Scam

There are lots of scammers in a tourist trap that scam people who are new to such places. Try to avoid talking with strangers.

  • Keep a List of Emergency Numbers with you

If you are facing any emergency, immediately dial the embassy number or emergency number of that country. They are always there to help.

  • Keep Your Drinks Safe

Don’t accept any drink given by strangers in a nightclub. Keep your drink safe as it is one of the travel safety rules.

  • Get Guide Books

Use a guidebook that includes a road map that gives you enough information about the road and download the apps before traveling that guide your tour routes.

  • Use Portable Power Adaptor for Mobile Charging

Fully charge your mobile and power adaptor before traveling. Most countries have different sizes of plugs and voltage that will not work for your mobile. A power adaptor can be the best option to charge multiple mobiles without electricity.

  • Learn the Basics of Local Language

Before traveling in any country try to learn basics of their local language, this will improve communication between them and makes you feel secure and comfortable.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s it. In the end, let me share with you about Dr. George Freundlich as he is passionate about traveling. He visited over 100 countries with safety tips. Everyone loves traveling, but traveling with safety tips makes you feel calm and secure.

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